Our dogs

  • Yuna von der Bayrischen Au ? Łajka
    d.o.b 28.06.2014
    HD ? A, CA ? free by parentage

    Interchampion C.I.E. – International Show Champion’s
    Polish Grand Champion
    Polish Champion
    Slovak Beauty Champion
    Junior Champion of Poland
    Cruft’s nomination 2016
    Cruft’s nomination 2019
    Multi CACIB
    Multi CAC
    Multi BOB
    Best Junior, National Pointing Dogs Show, Świerklaniec 2015
    Best Junior, National Pointing Dogs Show, Pszczyna 2015
    Slovakia Grand Prix Winner, Nitra 2016
    Best of Breed Derby Winner Show, Nitra 2016
    Best of Breed National Hunting Dogs Show, Spała 2017
    Best of Breed Bosh Champion of Champion’s Show, Leszno 2019

    I brought her home in September. She was really brave during her trip from Austria to Poland which took 8 hours. She is a special, clever, good and friendly dog. She is a multi purpose dog as she has a huge hunting passion but she is very devoted to humans as well. Despite her size, she is exceptionally gentle. This sapience, obedience and a kind of warmness let Łajka ( that is how I call her) become a dogotherapy dog that accompanies kindergarden and school English lessons. To cut on story short, she is the best dog in the world;)

Breed description


We are planning Spinone Italiano puppies at the end of September 2019.


Yuna von der Bayrischen Au ? certified educational and therapy dog.

Jamaica Rum Magic Scotland ? certified educational dog.

We have dogotherapy meetings together with learning English for kindergarten and school children. Below, you can find some of the photos from our visits to kindergartens and schools.

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Milena Starok

Tel: 606 707 902 

E-mail: dogoenglish [@] gmail.com / sklep [@] horseline.pl